1. Organization, objects, members

1. TOTY is an international award given to the best tractors in the Europeanmarket.

2. The award has six categories: TotY HighPower, TotY MidPower, TotY Utility, TotY Specialized, TotYBot, Toty Sustainable.

3. The award is governed by the trade name Tractor of the Year (TotY).

4. Each jury member can have a named colleague as a deputy to assist them, butonly the jury member has the right to vote.

5. Deputies can represent the jury member in meetings, field tests or other events.

6. New jury members can be appointed through a voting process, and candidates can be proposed by any juror.

7. New jury members are selected from countries that are not currently represented in the jury.

8. A jury member may be suspended for various reasons, including neglecting their voting rights, requesting dismissal, violating the organization’s rules or ethics, or leaking internal information.

9. Tractor of the Year organization must maintain financial independence from any agricultural tractor manufacturer, dealer, or distributor.

2. Eligibility of awards recipients

  1. Tractors eligible for the Tractor of the Year award must be available in the European market by the end of the election year. (i.e. Tractor of the Year 2025: tractors must be available for the customers within December 2025)
  2. Tractors that have been awarded in previous editions are not eligible as candidates.
  3. Each brand can only have one tractor per category for the award.

3. Award election procedure

1. The jury selects a shortlist for each category, consisting of a maximum of 5 tractors.

2. Five (5) tractors chosen among the competing tractors for the categories HighPower, MidPowre, Utility, Specialized compete for the TotY Sustainable category.

3. Manufacturers of the shortlisted tractors will present though single submissions their tractors to the international jury during the event called “Let the Challenge Begin”

4. Manufacturers of the shortlisted tractors have the option to organize specificfield tests for the jury.

5. Shortlisted tractors can use the “TotY FINALIST” logo.

6. Voting is conducted by filling out a specific voting form based on category voting parameters.

7. By the end of October, the chairman collects the voting forms.

8. The winning tractors receive their awards during a major exhibition’s awarding ceremony, and they can use the “TotY WINNER” logo.

1.Participants should avoid imposing embargoes on product news shared with the jury for the Tractor of the Year (TotY) purpose.

2.Tractor brands are encouraged to organize field tests or dedicated events for the shortlisted tractors, focusing on the TotY voting parameters.

3.If specific field tests or events cannot be arranged, participants should contact individual jurors through local dealers to provide opportunities for tractor testing.

4.It is recommended to provide all the necessary information about the candidate tractors to each juror.

5.TotY is willing to offer support in sharing information with the jury.

6.During field tests or other events, any additional activities are welcome but donot impact the final voting.

7.Participants are requested to fit the shortlisted tractors with BKT tires during exhibitions, communication activities, and photo shoots dedicated to the Tractorof the Year award.

8.The BKT team is available and willing to provide full support for such activities.