Tractor of the Year Awards Recognize Innovation and Sustainability in Agriculture


Hannover, November 12th – The agricultural community eagerly gathered at Agritechnica’s grand opening for the prestigious “Tractor of the Year” awards, celebrating 25 years of excellence in tractor design and functionality. This monumental event not only applauded remarkable achievements but also revealed new award categories, signaling a transformative shift in the competition’s future.

The ceremony, a showcase of cutting-edge agricultural technology, demonstrated the industry’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Excitement filled the venue as the winners were about to be announced, reflecting the anticipation of the agricultural community.

Prominent figures from the industry, including Malene Conlong, DLG’s International Press Relation Manager; Jelte Wiersma, CEMA’s Secretary General; and Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe, addressed the audience. Their speeches underscored the vital role of innovation and sustainability in modern agriculture.



The forward-looking event introduced new award categories for the upcoming editions, aligning with the ever-evolving nature of agricultural machinery. These categories aim to recognize innovations that prioritize sustainability, efficiency, and specialization. During the highly anticipated awarding session, the international jury honored manufacturers excelling in various categories.

FENDT e107 V Vario received the Sustainable TotY 2024 award for its outstanding commitment to sustainability. Landini Rex 4-12 gt RoboShift was awarded the Best of Specialized 2024 for its exceptional performance in specialized tasks.

The Best Utility 2024 award went to McCormick X 5.120 P3-Drive, showcasing its versatility and efficiency. The climax of the event was the announcement of the Tractor of the Year 2024, awarded to Claas Xerion Terra Trac 12.650 for its all-encompassing excellence in power and innovation.


In conclusion, the “Tractor of the Year” awards not only celebrated the pinnacle of tractor design and functionality but also marked a significant milestone in the industry’s journey toward a more sustainable and efficient future. Serving as a compass for manufacturers and farmers, these awards guide the industry toward innovations that will shape the landscape of agricultural mechanization in the years to come.