Tractor of the Year

Voting Parameters: Engine, Transmission, Electronics (all kind of electronics for the tractor management –standard equipment), Hydraulics, Cab comfort, Innovative Technical Features (referred to innovative or exclusive technical contents), Options, Design, Connectivity /PrecisionAgriculture

Best Utility

Multi purpose and utility tractors- above 70 Hp, maximum 4 cylinders, maximum operating weight 10.500 kg. Max 150 Hp . Parameters: Engine, Transmission, Hydraulics, Comfort, Innovative Technical Features, Options, Design, Versatility.

Best of Specialized

Orchard, vineyard, hill and mountain tractors.
Voting Parameters: Engine, Transmission, Comfort, Agility, Design.

Sustainable TOTY

The concept of sustainability brings several aspects such as comfort, safety, efficiency and connectivity. In general terms how new and future technologies will help farmers in their every day job.

Intelligence of Things, Internet of Things, Big data analysis together with new types of engine such as electric, hybrid, and gas engine, how the new technologies will make future tractors  more comfortable, more safe, more connected, more reliable, more efficient, more effective on soil protection and less polluting.

Sustainable TOTY is not an award to the “greenest tractor”, but indeed an award to innovative solution under the sustainability point of view.

Tractors admitted to the category:

  • Five tractors chosen among the shortlisted ones.